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Via Lattea

Duration: 9 min
Production year: 2018
Country of Production: Italy

A young couple wants to spend the night at the beach, waiting for the ferry that will take them on vacation. While she talks to a friend over the phone walking on the beach, he throws stones at sea just for fun. One of the stones unexpectedly hits a bather and kills him. Scared to death, the boy runs away taking his unaware girlfriend with him. But they are soon forced back to the beach: they have forgotten their backpack with their tickets and ID inside. As they search for the bag in the dark, the boy is suddenly attacked by a man who accuses him of letting his friend die. She runs in defence of his boyfriend, grabs the pole of a beach umbrella from the ground and furiously hits the attacker as hard as she can. She rages on him with all her energies until the man remains on the ground, lifeless.

Official Selections and Awards:

  • Winner  Best director to Cortinametraggio
  • Selection Ischia  Film  Festival
  • Selection Salento  Finibus  Terrae
  • Selection  Los  Angeles  CineFest
  • Selection Molise  Cinema