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Veneranda Augusta

Duration: 15 min
Production year: 2017
Country of Production: Italy

The largest petrochemical complex in Europe is located in Augusta, Sicily where the death rate from cancer is over 30% and the children are born deformed. Cancer death has become an institutional crime as this industrial holocaust is ignored by the major media in the country and by the rulers, who pretend not to hear citizens desperate cry for help. Fr Palmiro Prisutto, Augusta’s main priest, does not give up and seeks justice incentivizing the whole community to report to the authorities what is happening while waiting for an official institutional response and concrete actions that will strengthen the health system.

Official Selections and Awards:

  • Winner  Best Documentary NIFF  –  Noto  International  Film  Festival
  • Winner  Best Documentary Yale  Environment  360 
  • Winner Best Documentary Corto  Di  Sera 
  • Winner Best  film  “Diritti  Umani  Documentari”  SAFITER   
  • Winner  Best Documentary Capodarco  L’Altro  Festival
  • Selection  Orvieto  Cinema  Fest
  • Selection  GNG  Green  Earth  Film  Festival
  • Selection  Murmat  Film  Festival
  • Winner  Special Mention Ecozine  Film  Festival
  • Selection Cinemambiente  Torino
  • Selection  Per  l’impegno  civile Corti  D’argento   
  • Selection Kurzsuechtig
  • Selection Ecozine  Film  Festival
  • Selection Festival  Internacional  de  Cine  de  Lanzarote