Short Films Comedy / Dramedy

Storia Triste di un Pugile Scemo

Duration: 22 min
Production year: 2017
Country of Production: Italy

The brain of a five-year-old child in 110 kilos of muscles: Pino is an immense dumb boxer. He has the build to win, but he is better off to lose. His mother made him the boxer who falls on command, for the joy of those in Rome who manipulate gambling. Pino obeys his mother and she obeys clandestine bookmakers in a perfect mechanism. A mechanism that jams when Pino decides for the first time that he wants to win.

Paolo Strippoli was born in Corato, Puglia, in 1993.
Graduated in Performing  Arts and Sciences at the La Sapienza University of Rome and than he studies directing at the Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia in Rome.