Premiere Film Originals


Duration: 10 minuti
Production year: 2019
Country of Production: Italia

Press Kit
  • Official Selection  MOLISE FILM FESTIVAL 
  • Official Selection I LOVE GAI – sezione parallela del Festival di Cinema di Venezia
  • Official Selection SEDICICORTO 
  • Official Selection FANO FILM FESTIVAL
  • Official Selection ROMA CREATIVE CONTEST 

Raised in Naples , Giovanni Dota achieves a Masters in Cinema, Photography and Television at the Pigrecoemme film school in Naples. After some experiences as runnere assistant director on some sets of short films filmed in Campania, participates in the filming of the first and second series of Gomorra as an assistant inspector of production and then as assistant director. He was admitted to the Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia in Rome where he graduated with the short film “Fino nella fine”.


  • Interno 18
  • Gomorra
  • Tutto quello che non ci siamo detti
  • Fino alla fine

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