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Pater Familias

Duration: 10 min
Production year: 2017
Country of Production: Italy

Augusto, a fifty years old man, gets involved in a virtual chat with a teenager. He pretends to be his son, but how long can this game last?

Augusto is a father of a classic upper-class family. Alone in the house is attracted by the sound of a cell phone. Augusto finds the cell phone forgotten by his teenage son. A series of messages attract his attention, they’re from Trilly99, a young user of the social network MatchUp. Trillly99 proposes a game: she will start to send photos of small details of herself and he will have to replicate in the same way. Augusto, intrigued, decides to play the game but it will not be easy for him to hide his true age. He dresses with his son’s t-shirt, shaves his chest, hides wrinkles and a white beard behind a wrestler mask and spreads oil on his body. This grotesque gait of escamotage in search of the perfect picture, how far will our Pater familias 2.0 go?

Official Selections and Awards:

  • Selection Edinburgh Short Film Festival
  • Selection Roma Creative Contest
  • Selection Austin Comedy Short Film Festival
  • Selection Aesthetica Short Film Festival
  • Selection Seoul international Extreme-Short Image