Short Films Drama

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Duration: 20 min
Production year: 2018
Country of Production: Italy

A smiling-eyed African boy is in a small courtroom. He tightens in his hands excited a small DVD player, on which he just started “his film”: Okike, which he directed and performed together with some of his roommates. A Commission observes him perplexed in front of him, trying to follow his story. The boy, in fact, uses a strange mix between a broken Italian and an elementary English; for the rest is stated in Igbo, his mother tongue. What is telling is a story similar to many, many others: the civil war, the farewell to the family and months of escape; then Libya, the smugglers, the Mediterranean, Italy, the landing and finally the asylum application.

Official Selections and Awards:

  • Selection SediciCorto Film Festival
  • Selection InterFilm Film Festival