Short Films Sci-Fi / Experimental

L’Uomo Proibito

Duration: 19 min
Production year: 2018
Country of Production: Italy

Andrea is forced to live in isolation due to a contracted virus during a space mission. Both his daughter Mia and his wife Agata, each in their own way, they must reckon with the singularity of his life.

  • Winner  Militello  Indipendent  Film  Fest
  • Selection Festival  Internazionale  del  Cinema  di  Frontiera
  • Selection ETNA  COMICS
  • Selection Pietrasanta  Film  Festival
  • Winner  Best short film ItalianoFormia  Film  Festival

Tiziano Russo directs numerous videoclips for artists like Negroamaro, ,  Gabbani,  Mina,  Chiara,  Boosta,  Dear  Jack  e  Dardust.

He directed 8 episodes for “You are in a wonderful country” TV series aired on Sky Arte HD, with Dario Vergassola. In September 2017 he is guest with Violante Placido and Boosta of MILAN FILM FESTIVAL, where he honors Michelangelo Antonioni with the show he directed “Through the Desert, The Red Desert”.


  • Le tegole sul cielo
  • Habemus Mister
  • Un giorno
  • La rivoluzione sta arrivando
  • Sei in un paese meraviglioso
  • Attraverso il Deserto, Il deserto Rosso
  • L’uomo Proibito

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