Short Films Comedy / Dramedy


Duration: 11 min
Production year: 2017
Country of Production: Italy

After a tiring journey, a B-series films Japanese director and her successful screenwriter arrive in Matera to make inspections and arrangements with the awake local administrators, for a film of imminent production.

  • Winner  Best Original music Corti  In  Cantina
  • Selection  Sumirago  In  Corto
  • Selection VideoConcorso  Francesco  Pasinetti
  • Selection ETNA  COMICS™
  • Selection Salento  Finibus  Terrae
  • Selection MigrArti  Film  Fest  Caltabellotta
  • Mention  Special Popular and International Jury  Lucania  Film  Festival

Antonio Andrisani is an actor, director and screenwriter  from Matera. He writes many short films, medium-length films and feature films. In 2012, he won the Nastro d’Argento with the short film directed by him “Stand by Me”, who is nominated in the fifth of the David di Donatello. His cinematographic activity combines a strictly satirical video production, with which he investigates and desecrates the political and cultural events of his territory.


  • Stand By Me
  • Sassiwood͟
  • Il Vangelo Secondo Mattei
  • Kolossal

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