Short Films Comedy / Dramedy

Il Regalo di Alice

Duration: 15 min
Production year: 2017
Country of Production: Italy

Alice is a little girl, to whom the art of cinema helps to live a difficult time for her family.

  • Winner  Best Screenplay Corti  In  Cortile  Festival
  • Winner  Critic of awards Mediterraneo  Festival  Corto
  • Winner  Best Short NIFF  –  Noto  International  Film  Festival
  • Winner  Via  dei  Corti Festival  Indipendente  di  Cinema  breve
  • Selection  CortoWeekend
  • Selection  ConCorto
  • Selection  Clorofilla  Film  Festival
  • Selection  InventaUnFilm


Gabriele Marino studies cinema at the Institute for Didactic Communication then obtained a Level II Master’s in Screenplay at Indigo Film, then he studied directing at the Cinecittà International Film School.

In 2010 he founded the GMQUADRO, home of audiovisual production with which he directs numerous spot,serie tv, a web series and co-produces two films and a documentary.


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  • Il Regalo Di Alice

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