Premiere Film Originals

Candie Boy

Duration: 8 min
Production year: 2017
Country of Production: Italy

Leone has recently received a good mark at school and now he knows very well what to ask to his parents as gift: the pink dressed doll ‘Candie’.

  • Winner  Writing and Image Section  Corto  Film  Festival  di  Pescara
  • Winner of the public Sulmona  International  Film  Festival– SIFF
  • Winner  Best screenplay Metricamente  Corto  Film  Festival
  • Winner special mention of jury in Cortile  Festival
  • Selection  Edera  Film  Festival
  • Selection  BCT  –  Benevento  Cinema  e  Televisione
  • Selection  La  Città  Incantata  –  Film  Festival
  • Honorable mention  Wwcsff  Film  Festivals 
  • Selection  Cefalù  Film  Fest
  • Selection  Hollywood  Film  Festival
  • Selection  Beloit  International  Film  Festival
  • Selection  Mammut  Film  Festival
  • Selection  USN|expo  Sardinia  Queer  Short  Film  Festival
  • Selection  Tirana  Film  Festival
  • Selection  Festival  del  Cortometraggio  di  Pescara
  • Selection  GRAND  OFF
  • Selection  Sciacca  Film  Fest
  • Selection  OUTshine  Film  Festival

Arianna  Del  Grosso was born in Treviso on August 8th 1992. He graduated with honors in Literature and Philosophy, at the University “La Sapienza”.

made his first short film in 2015 “LIA” and won the award Pasinetti at 73^ Mostra  Internazionale d’Arte Cinematografica di Venezia.


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