Riccardo Antonaroli e Matteo Nicoletta

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Riccardo Antonaroli, graduate of ACT Multimedia in FILMMAKING, from 2008 he began his career in cinema and works first as an assistant and then as assistant director for some Italian directors. In 2015 he directed his first work “TINDER A SORPRESA” a short film that collects some awards  in various Italian festivals In 2017, together with Matteo Nicoletta, he writes and directs the short “CANI DI RAZZA” acquired by Rai Cinema.


Matteo Nicoletta graduated in Communication Sciences and graduated from the Acting Academy “Clesis Arte” in 2005. Other than to the actor in 2012 he is director and screenwriter of his first short film “La via”, selected at the Foggia Film Festival and directs the viral video “in Rome it snows”.


  • Tinder Sorpresa
  • La via
  • A Roma Nevica
  • Cani di Razza

Awards and selections:

  • Winner  Audience Award and Best Actor for  Matteo  Nicoletta al  Saturnia  Film Festival
  • Winner   Miglior  Film Salento  Finibus  Terrae
  • Winner  Best  Italian  Film Figari  Film  Fest
  • Winner  Corti  in  Corte  La  Città  Incantata  –  Film  Festival
  • Winner  Corti  da  Sogni  Antonio  Ricci
  • Winner  Best opera  Festival  Cortinametraggio
  • Winner  Best short film  Alessandria  Film  Festival
  • Winner  Special Award London  Wwcsff  Film  Festivals
  • Winner  Best short film and Special Public AwardASTI  FILM  FESTIVAL
  • Winner  Best short  film Roma  Web  Fest
  • Nomination  Miglior  Sound Largo  Film  Awards
  • Mention  Best Director Casole  Film  Festival
  • Mention  Special Best Comedy Nastri  d’Argento
  • Selection  Italian  Film  Festival  Bangkok 
  • Selection  CortoLovere  FilmFest
  • Selection  SediciCorto  Film  Festival
  • Selection  Montelupo  Fiorentino  Film  Festival
  • Selection  CortoWeekend
  • Selection  Catone  Film  Fest
  • Selection  Picentia  Film  Festival
  • Selection  Mediterraneo  Cinema  Corto
  • Selection Corto  di  Sera
  • Selection  Molise  Cinema
  • Selection  Inventaunfilm  Festival
  • Selection  Murmat  Festival
  • Selection  Shorts  International  Film  Festival
  • Selection ICFF  Canada  –  Italian  Contemporary  Film  Festival
  • Selection  ETNA  COMICS™
  • Selection  Pietrasanta  Film  Festival  PFF
  • Selection  Pulcinella  Film  Festival
  • Selection  Mostra  del  Cinema  di  Taranto
  • Selection  KNFF  –  Kalat  Nissa  Film  Festival
  • Selection  Ferrara  Film  Festival
  • Selection  Turin  Underground  Cinefest
  • Selection  Visioni  Italiane
  • Selection  Punto  di  Vista  Film  Festival