Short Films Sci-Fi / Experimental

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The Essence of Everything

/ 20 min / 2018 / Italy

Gea and Lucius meet on a dating app, only she is Life and he is Death. They are their embodiments, walking amongst […]

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Moths to Flame

/ 13 min / 2018 / Italy/UK

Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin are inexplicably trapped in a room, just minutes before the Apollo 11 mission. The count down is […]

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/ 25 min / 2017 / Italy

Stick, a scammer chased by his family, returns home after twenty years because his father is dying. But in dealing with his […]

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Nessun Dorma

/ 19 min / 2018 / Italy

The town is quiet. Only the breaths and a few dogs barking win the silence. Men, women and children, all suddenly fell […]

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Stella 1

/ 15 min / 2017 / Italy

Someone in the deep space is calling, she needs to complete her mission and become a real captain. Her name is Stella […]

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L’Uomo Proibito

/ 19 min / 2018 / Italy

Andrea is forced to live in isolation due to a contracted virus during a space mission. Both his daughter Mia and his […]

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Fabrizio Condino / 9 min / 2018 / Italy

A man, his boat and the sea. During a night of work a fisherman makes an unexpected meeting. […]

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