Short Films Comedy / Dramedy

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/ 8 minutes / 2018 /

Andrea, despite being over thirty, still lives at home with his mother and his visually impaired grandmother. His family doesn’t know but […]

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Non è una bufala

Niccolò Gentili e Ignacio Paurici / 17 min / 2018 / Italy

Renzo, 40, lives alone in an apartment that has turned into a kind of bunker. It’s been a long time since he […]

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Fino alla Fine

/ 15 min / 2018 / Italy

A  gunshot  breaks  the  silence  of  the  night.  Four  men  run  away  from  the  scene  of  the  crime.  Umberto  “Yes  and  no”,  […]

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/ 12 min / 2018 / Italy

Three unlucky-in-love roomies make a pact: no men for a month, they will only take care of themselves. However, their plan is […]

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Pater Familias

/ 10 min / 2017 / Italy

Augusto, a fifty years old man, gets involved in a virtual chat with a teenager. He pretends to be his son, but […]

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Storia Triste di un Pugile Scemo

/ 22 min / 2017 / Italy

The brain of a five-year-old child in 110 kilos of muscles: Pino is an immense dumb boxer. He has the build to […]

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Tra Fratelli

/ 11 min / 2018 / Italy

A girl is happy to go out with her boyfriend, but something goes wrong. […]

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Il Regalo di Alice

/ 15 min / 2017 / Italy

Alice is a little girl, to whom the art of cinema helps to live a difficult time for her family. […]

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Il Nido

Christian FiIlippi / 15 min / 2018 / Italy

Fabio is an introvert primary school teacher, 45 years old and lives with his mother Marina, widowed when the child was still […]

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Cold Fish

David Hay / 11 min / 2017 / Italy

An old man wants to commit suicide but a young boy stops him. Not because he wants to save him but because […]

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Happy Hour

Fabrizio Benvenuto / 13 min / 2018 / Italy

In a society unable to build real relationships, it applies to new methods of socializations. In order to get away from despair […]

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Amici Comuni

Marco Cristaldi / 11 min / 2018 / Italy

Four persons. Three friends. Two couples. An unmentionable secret. Marco is a business owner, married to Giulia, even though their nearly ten-year […]

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Giovanni Battista Origo / 16 min / 2017 / Italy

Luigi and Elsa are a sixty-year-old radical chic couple that live between work, respectively a psychiatrist and an architect, and social events […]

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/ 11 min / 2017 / Italy

After a tiring journey, a B-series films Japanese director and her successful screenwriter arrive in Matera to make inspections and arrangements with […]

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Federica D’Ignoti / 9 min / 2018 / Italy

Anna confides to her psychologist about the pain caused by the love of her life, Andrea. For a long time companion, then […]

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